Top 10 MuslimHipHop Artists 

There are some great Muslim spoken word and Hip-Hop artist’s out there, quite alot actually. Here’s a run-down on who to listen out for in these two diferent genre’s, kicking off with Islamic Hip-Hop in rank of a must listen!! 1 being highly rated……..

1. Native Deen – A must listen, great concepts and spot on lyricism. Although they are a fusion of RnB and HipHop, they still deserve a place up here.

2. Hassan Salaam – US based rapper, with alot of potential, has already rubbed shoulders with alot of the big names and is certain to make a dash in the long run.

3. Tyson – Cali based rhyme spinner, great flow.

4. Mecca2Medina – Long standing Islamic group, one of the most consistant, easy listening.

5. Sonz Of The Crescent – To the point and veterans in the game

6. Mr. Ameen – Cool cat and some smooth slick material.

7. Mohammed Yahya – Touches some good points and makes an incision of topics.

8. M-Team – Check them out, duo of rhymes that is good for the deen.

9. Blind Alphabetz – Have created their own unique sound, and have supported some big acts in the process.

10. BelikeMuhammed – An all round talented individual. Great image, but also lyrics that fuse well with his beats.

Other Artists –

J.Seriyus – Need to hear more, but has alot of promise. Tai Mahmud(Osiris) – Genius lyricist and amazing a spotting a beat with potential. Would possibly be up in the top 2 except I have only heard 2 tracks of his. Ms Latifah – Energetic and worthy of a place up there, but needs to give it a little time, great artist.


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