Top 5 Spoken Word Artists

Following on from the TopTen Hip-Hop artists, here are the top 5 Spoken Word Artists, 1 being highest.

1. Tai Mahmud – Deep, meaningful and you can tell he spits with knowledge and meaning. A heavyweight professor of Poetry and rhymes, he delves deeper with his material cunning and wordplay. He will touch you instantly with his words. One to watch out for, a potency filled mic-slayer and pen grabber with intelligence, he has appeared on TV several times with very real political issues. My number one on mp3 player.

2. Amir Sulaiman – A deep brother with amazing stature. Great on stage and has a prominance in the Poetic world. He has videos on youtube, so check them out, they are easy to listen to, but have a carved aroma in the message. His albums are very diverse and would appeal to anyone who is willing to listen. As I said, Amir is one to watch out for and not to take litghtly as his delivery is venomous and touching, set with a fire that cools the mind. His latest offering – ‘Like  A thief’ has been highly publicised and I knew instantly it would be food for the mind. Amir, keep it coming brother.

3. Sofia Servando Baig – From Canada, a Muslimah with a great presence. Has appeared on CNN and has a loud presentation which allows her to pull off a performance with a presence. Has valid views on the world and has an ear catching style. Keep an eye out, this girl means business like the rest of the artists on this page.

4. Brother Dash – World reknowned, a great poet and great web presence. Will expect to take over shortly. He is a very diverse individual with his words that span in very different contexts. I am sure you will like him, and if you don’t then that would be unusal, and that is how highly I rate him. His album, ‘Spoken word, spiritually served’ is out now, so go and cop that. It’s one of the rare spoken word ‘Albums out there’

5. Eloquence – A full album with verbal ammunition. Takes out a fresh approach with a message to remember.


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