Amir Sulaiman & Tai Mahmud  –    

     I am taking a particular liking to 2 artists this month, both of which are Spoken Word Artists.           

The first one being Tai Mahmud ( and the other being Amir Sulaiman ( Great lyricists with potent wordplay, and charisma. They both play on their political nerves by fuelling their work with gentle docile, yet touching wordplay. Amir Sulaiman has featured on Def ‘Poetry’ Jam, and has been heavily plastered over quite a few magazines of late, one great poet who gets straight to the point by fooling no one. This brother has also done collaborations with Mos Def, and the outcome was phenomenal. 

  Yet Tai Mahmud, a man with amazing lyrical capabilities has indeed a great following in the thousands but fails to penetrate the commercialism of the UK, which is filled with teeny bop pop acts such as Girls Aloud. Tai Mahmud is signed to indie Record Label Shaya Records, along with artists such as Ill thought process, who I had discovered through the label website ( who also seems like a very talented beatsmith and is one to watch out for.  Either this label needs to find a lucrative parent company deal in order to achieve more funds or he signs a joint deal with a major record company, as this artist is severely underrated and needs more exposure.


Check out Tai’s debut single Good Bye due out soon, and 50% for charity to help the charity ‘RestlessBeings'(.org).  Amir Sulaiman’s Def Poetry Jam video can be found below also.






         Tai Mahmud – Good Bye






         Amir Sulaiman – Danger


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